Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB)

Tour Operators Association
of Bangladesh


Tour Operators Association
of Bangladesh (TOAB)

Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB), was formed in the year of 1992. This was the time when a handful of agencies operating tours inside Bangladesh, felt the need of such an association or trade body to overcome immense problems and difficulties being faced by them regularly. Besides this, the other main objective or aim of the organization was to develop and nourish tourism in Bangladesh and to promote tourism products of Bangladesh in the international arena.

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To develop a professional membership association which promotes and represents the interests of its members for the benefit and sustainable development of the tourism industry.


As the leading tourism association, TOAB works for issues that benefit its members, influences tourism policy, legislation and marketing for the sustainable development of the tourism industry.

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Tourism Profile Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a South Asian country with a population of about 168 million people. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The capital and largest city is Dhaka. The official language is Bengali and the majority of the population is Muslim.

Bangladesh has made significant progress in recent decades, reducing poverty and improving health and education. The country is a lower-middle-income country with a growing economy. The main industries are ready-made garments, textiles, chemical fertilizers, jute and jute goods, tea processing, pharmaceuticals, paper and newsprint, sugar, cement, leather goods, food, fish, and poultry.

The literacy rate in Bangladesh is 75.2%, which is a significant increase from the literacy rate of 51.8% in 1981. However, the literacy rate for males is higher than the literacy rate for females. The government is taking steps to address this gender gap.

Overall, Bangladesh is a developing country with a bright future. It has made significant progress in recent decades and is on track to achieve...

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Trade and Finance Activities

Along with coordinating and promoting the interest of its members- Chambers of Commerce, Trade, and Industrial Association

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Policy Advocacy

TOAB regularly conducts advocacy with the government on different fiscal, monetary and other policy issues for

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CSR Activity

TOAB takes part in different Corporate Social Responsibilities in order to enhance the social and environmental aspects

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Research & Planning

TOAB collects statistical and additional necessary data to aid the trade and industry of the country in regard to

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TOAB provides assistance to the businessmen all over the country to settle their domestic and international disputes

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Exchange of business Delegation

It is one of the crucial duties of TOAB to maintain the incoming and outgoing delegations along with arranging

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Networking with strategic partners

TOAB maintains close liaison with the foreign National Chambers of Commerce and other Trade and Industrial Associations while initiating

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Seminar / Symposiums

TOAB discusses and shares views on the crucial matters relevant to and affecting the national economy in various government

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Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB) is an apex body of Tour Operators as registered by the Govt. of the People Republic of Bangladesh. APPLY NOW